Friday, May 30, 2014

Last Weekend's Adventures

Clearly I got behind on my Friday Adventures, plus it was a packed weekend so I thought I would just include extra days to make up for the very delayed post.


My parents bought us an awesome outdoor patio set for my birthday/graduation gift, so Friday's quiet time took place out on the patio.

Then we headed out for some errands. I made cake balls for a friend's son's birthday party, so we dropped those off at their house.

The yellow didn't turn out quite as bright as I wanted it to, but they ended up looking fun--and I heard they disappeared pretty quickly at the party!

We ran to World Market so I could use my birthday coupon, Petsmart to get some treats for our spoiled pup, Target to buy some gifts for the wedding that is this weekend, and then Sprouts for some healthy food.

Kyle shaking his head at some cheesy joke I was telling, my humor is equivalent to about an 8 year old

My World Market goodies, only paid $.49 after my birthday coupon!

Our cart at Sprouts, loaded up with lots of produce and healthy foods!

After our errands we realized we hadn't eaten much all day, so we stopped at Rosa's and split a plate of nachos. They were delicious!

My graduation ceremony was Friday night so we got all dressed up and took some pictures before we headed out to Arlington.

Had to include Buddy in a picture, he was my study buddy throughout grad school. He was always encouraging, sometimes trying to encourage me to take a nap or take a walk but those breaks were always needed. I am beyond grateful for my husband and all the ways he supported me throughout this process, he has always encouraged me and is my biggest fan. Love you!

My family came out to celebrate with me! It was fun to have them there and then introduce them to my classmates and professors! Without my parents this journey would not have been possible, I'm just one blessed girl!

Excited about my diploma, Master's Degree in Counseling!


I've posted many pictures of our peach trees and we had a huge bag of ripe peaches, so Saturday morning we did a Walmart trip and bought cans and canned peaches!

Bought enough cans for canned peaches and to make jam (the jam didn't happen but still might)

Peaches ready to be pealed!

Cans all washed and ready to go!

We had never canned peaches, or anything for that matter, so this was our unsure pic

They turned out pretty good! We had a few that didn't seal right so those went into the fridge.

Then it was time for our whirlwind adventures...

Graduation party for one of our sweet senior students!

Stopped for some coffee and then headed off to a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for a wedding Kyle was in. (Forgot to take pictures, but it was a great night!)

We hadn't planned on being at church on Sunday because of the wedding but lots of people were gone and they needed us to be there, so we were!

Kyle left early for the wedding and I stayed home and took a nap before getting ready and heading out.

Third day in a row wearing a dress, that has to be a record for me!

Had to take a selfie with Buddy before heading out! He looks so regal in this picture haha

Looking fancy at the Whitehurst wedding

Look how handsome my hubby looks in his groomsman outfit! It was such a great wedding, celebrating with friends and meeting some new ones!

After a busy weekend, Monday was my birthday and was filled with tons of fun and lots and lots of food!

It started with Whataburger at 1 am, cause I was hungry and getting kind of grumpy since I couldn't fall asleep. The chocolate shake and Whataburger jr. cured the hunger and the grumpiness.

We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch, cause it's one of my faves and I don't eat it very often. Then we went to Target (another fave), and Hobby Lobby.

Then Orange Leaf for some delicious fro yo. They have these awesome dividers so you can get three different flavors without them all combining. It's awesome!

For dinner we went to Pie Five with my family and then went over to BJ's for pizookies. (I told you there was lots of food!)

It was such a wonderful birthday, I can't believe I'm 25! I am very thankful to have such a wonderful family that makes me feel so loved!

When I was younger I used to love when my birthday was on Memorial Day cause it meant no school, and it was nice to spend the whole day with my husband on my birthday. It's not just a day to be off work and to enjoy sleeping in thought, it is a day to remember those that have fought for our country and for the freedom we take for granted every day. Thank you to all those who have served, or have a family member that has served or is currently serving!

Off to another weekend filled with wedding adventures! It might be another late blog post haha.


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