Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday Adventures

After a few weeks of crazy Fridays filled with to-do lists we had a pretty relaxing and fun Friday. I've had bad allergies this week but was finally feeling better today.

I went with iced coffee this morning. Buddy joined me for my quiet time, this time sitting normally and not on my shoulder like he has been doing.

Then I decided to go to the gym and Kyle took Buddy for a walk around the park. I figured since my allergies have been so bad I probably shouldn't walk around outside for a long time.

Since I haven't been feeling that well I didn't push myself too hard but got a good workout in and lifted some weights. I am aware that my arm muscle isn't that impressive but hey it's better than it once was!

Then I ran over to Walmart, since apparently no Friday Adventure day is complete without a trip to Walmart. Actually this trip was completely unnecessary. I stopped yesterday to buy some sunscreen since we did not have any, and realized that it was expired. I mean sunscreen is good for like a year and a half and this one expired last month. So I had to go back, and the customer service lady said like two words to me while complaining to another employee about how rude customers are... I had to bite my tongue not to say anything. *end Walmart rant*

I have been wanting to lay out by the pool for quite sometime so Kyle and I loaded up our pool bag and sunscreen (that I worked hard to get) and headed to our community pool. We have two really nice pools and although they are packed in the evenings and weekends, they are empty during the day. It almost felt like we were on vacation

Yes I am aware that I have a horrible tan line on my ankles. It's from taking Buddy for walks and wearing my tennis shoes. How do you really get rid of a tan line though? It just got worse from being in the sun today. I tried self tanner on my feet for Easter and it was an epic fail so that doesn't help.

We didn't stay at the pool long cause I was quite hungry, small breakfast plus working out means one hungry Maddie (and Kyle will testify this is something you fix quickly). Since it's my birthday month I had a coupon for a free burger from Red Robin so we headed there.

It was a delicious burger, I couldn't finish it but I did eat my fair share of fries. I love Red Robin's endless fries, so dangerous.

Our waitress was super sweet and brought me an ice cream sundae for my birthday and even though I was super full I ate it. I mean who can pass up ice cream? Especially with sprinkles!

We walked around Old Navy and the new LifeWay store and then went over to the mall. We needed to get our rings inspected, it keeps our warrantee effective, so we did that.

Look at those shiny rings! They always are so sparkly after they clean them and I'm always reminded of just how excited (and surprised) I was when that sweet boy proposed to me almost four years ago.

We decided to hit up Starbuck's Happy Hour for half price Frappuccinos. I got the Caffe Espresso and Kyle got the Mocha Cookie Crumble. I always feel bad for the baristas during Happy Hour, I remember those days they are the worst, but it was nice to enjoy some fun drinks.


This is what I bought at Old Navy today. I needed some new shorts and I really liked the length of these, plus they were on sale! The sweatshirt is like a minty color and it's from the men's department. I always find good sweatshirts there haha.

I met up with my parents for dinner, we went to BJ's Brewhouse. I got an Asian Chicken Salad and it was delicious. I ate the whole thing and I forgot to take any pictures. We had a great time, it was so busy out at Alliance though. They keep building more and more things out there and the traffic is so bad! Dad had to stop a line of cars so that I could back out otherwise I would have been waiting until about 10pm. You're never too old to need your dad ;)

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  1. Disappointed that you didn't mention TCU's big win over OU in baseball, but I guess that was my Firday adventure. I always love reading your posts, and I'm glad you reminded everyone how well I surprised you with that ring!