Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday Adventures!

It's been a busy weekend, which is why I haven't posted our Friday adventures until now. So here we go...

I saw my last client on Tuesday night. It's so crazy that I am almost done with grad school. However almost is the key word in that sentence. I keep thinking that I am done and I'm having a very hard time getting my work done this week. So yesterday morning I woke up and worked on one of the papers I had been putting off...

Buddy was there for moral support and my coffee was keeping me awake, as you can tell I was due for a refill by the time I took this picture.

I did take a few breaks from my paper to work on a birthday list. I can't believe I'm going to be 25 at the end of the month. As you can tell I'm having a difficult time forming a list. All I have right now is a square pan, running shoes, yoga capris, possibly a hydration backpack (although I'm still struggling with this idea) Buddy and I go on tons of walks and currently I sport an X-Box One drawstring backpack cause it's all I can find in our house. So really, I can't get much nerdier than that, right...

Last night we hosted a dinner for our graduating seniors in the student ministry, so we had to head out and buy groceries. I've talked about my struggles with Walmart before, so we went to Target first for some other things and to have a bit of fun before the craziness of Walmart. We went in with a list, and surprisingly we stuck to it pretty well. I mean, that never happens at Target!

I didn't take any pictures in Target, except for of these watermelon Oreos. WHAT? Guys, I'm going to tell you a secret, regular plain Oreos are about the best thing in the world. I remember being little and eating Oreos with my papa. He loved Oreos and he would always roll his eyes at the reduced fat ones, and say if you're going to eat an Oreo, eat a real Oreo. So I'm going to pass on his advice to you all...please just stick to the regular Oreos (or the mint ones, those are pretty good too) *end rant*

Then we headed to Walmart and it was an adventure as always. We searched and searched for Velvetta before we finally had to ask someone. The lady was actually super sweet and walked us to the aisle. It was almost enough to restore my faith in Walmart, almost but not quite.

This is our "we survived Walmart, but just barely" selfie

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting the house ready for the senior dinner. I made Chicken Enchiladas, which I blogged about here, Mexican Rice, Kyle made mashed black beans, and we had chips and queso. Then I made homemade brownies for dessert, they are the best I will have to post the recipe soon. I should've taken pictures of the table and of the food but I didn't.

Kyle and I all ready for dinner
After dinner we played Life, one of my favorite board games. Overall it was a great night! We are so excited to be able to have students over at our house and to start traditions like this one.

It was a busy Friday but that's how it goes sometimes! Two more pictures for you, neither are from Friday but they are worth the add-on.

This was from Thursday night. Buddy likes to sit on random things, like the arm of the couch, and I guess he decided to lay down from that spot. He is strange, guys, but we do love this crazy pup.

And this was from today--we took dinner over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and got to see our sweet little niece. I could've held her all day long, but we had to give her back ;) She is one sweet little girl!

See you next week!

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