Sunday, May 18, 2014

Friday Adventures (way late)

This week's Friday Adventure post is very late, it's been a busy weekend! But here we go...

Started the morning off with some coffee and reading

I took my last final on Tuesday, so I am officially done with school!! To celebrate we had friends over last night, so a lot of the day on Friday we spent cleaning up around the house. I made sugar cookies and decided to do summery colors for the icing. The first time I tried to make cut-out sugar cookies was a big disaster, but this time went a lot better. They turned out great!

I redid our chalkboard sign since it was still from Easter. I bought colored chalk at Target a few weeks ago, so it was fun to use different colors this time.

Our peach trees are filled with peaches, so the next adventure was trying to pick as many as we could. We had to borrow a ladder to reach them, because most of the ripe ones are up really high. Kyle was climbing up in the tree while I picked up the bad ones that had fallen on the ground.

This is the bag of peaches we ended up with, probably close to 100! My adventure this week will be figuring out how to can them or make peach preserves so they aren't wasted.

We met my dad at the new Costco to buy food for the cookout. It's really nice and we got everything we needed for the party.

Kyle had a guys video game night at the church so it was just me and Bud for the night. We took a long walk around the park, we were both pretty exhausted and sweaty by the time we got home.

Kyle and I bought Buddy a new stuffed animal when were were out on Thursday and he loves it, he used it as a head rest.

It's not a very good Friday Adventure blog post, and it's pretty late, but I still wanted to post it. It was a great weekend, filled with good food, great friends, and lots of laughs! Hope yours was the same!


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