Saturday, July 5, 2014

Friday Adventures

I skipped a few weeks of doing Friday Adventures, but I guess that happens!

Kyle had to go into work for a little while in the morning so I got some stuff done around the house and watched a couple episodes of Chuck on Nexflix--it's my new favorite! I also looked through dessert possibilities before settling on Strawberry Shortcake, seemed very patriotic!

Once Kyle got home we headed out, we went to Target just for fun, then to Petsmart to get Buddy a few little presents cause his birthday is coming up soon, and then we were planning on going to Walmart. Apparently Walmart on the 4th of July is a madhouse, so we skipped out on that idea pretty quickly!

Patriotic outfits in the Lego aisle at Target
We also got some fun treats at Sonic for happy hour. When we got home I needed a quick nap, so I laid down for a bit. Kyle came to wake me up and then Buddy decided he could fit right between us...

Family Pic
We headed over to my parents to grill out for dinner. Buddy really hates car rides, but he loves going to see his friend Jo (and my parents) so he's been doing better in the car lately.

He actually looks happy to be in the car, not sure that's true
We hung out at my parents, ran to Kroger (which was much less crazy than Walmart) and I made the shortcakes for dessert.

We had burgers and hot dogs for dinner, very American! I didn't take any pics of dinner, probably cause I was hungry! After dinner we drove past the house my parents put an offer on, it's a really nice neighborhood! My brother was being crazy at this point, note the looks on our faces...

Then back home for dessert! It was delicious, I love Strawberry Shortcake--especially with this kind of shortcake biscuit instead of the spongy store bought cakes.

Hope your Friday was great! I have to brave Walmart today since I chickened out yesterday...making another dessert today so I'm sure there will be pictures on Twitter and Instagram so make sure to follow me there to see them! And if you missed my last post about Maddie Cakes, check it out! Send me an email if you want to order some goodies!


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