Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A birthday shared

Since me and my mama's birthdays are two days apart, the past few years we've been celebrating them together. I love getting to spend time with my family, it's always crazy and filled with laughter. This year to celebrate we combined ideas--I wanted good Mexican food and mama wanted to go somewhere fun.

We headed to Arlington, they have this outdoor mall area with a ton of restaurants and shops. We headed to Chuy's for dinner, a place that I got hooked on a few years ago when I went down to Austin with Aarika and Kendra. They have this dip called creamy jalapeno, and it is heavenly. It's like ranch, with a kick and a lot more flavor. Seriously, heavenly. Go try it, tell me I'm wrong haha ;)

Then we headed to Dave & Busters to play games and so mama and Kyle could have a rematch in air hockey. (Side note--she creamed him haha) Nick was on fire, kept winning 500 tickets on all different games. The past several times we've gone to Dave and Busters we've just saved the tickets on a card, I think we have like 17,000 and now we have a bunch more. Nick did get an ice cream maker though, so that will be an interesting adventure to figure out.

It was a great birthday celebration! I love spending time with my family and love all the laughs that come with it.

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  1. Are those northwood student ministry sunglasses??? :) Sounds like your bdays were super fun! :)