Tuesday, May 24, 2011

22 things for my 22 years

Decided to do a fun post for my birthday which is coming up on Thursday. 22 things I'm thankful for this year...

  • I got married to my best friend in the world
  • Because of that wedding, my entire extended family (minus one cousin) came to celebrate with us--which meant the world to us
  • My parents for paying for our wedding, and on top of that buying us a new car
  • Living close to both my parents and Kyle's parents
  • The sacrifices our family and friends made for us so that they could throw wedding showers, bridal showers, bachlorette parties, attend the wedding, and the list goes on
  • Our awesome landlords/good friends and the fact that we have a beautiful, perfect-sized house to live in
  • Our new church home that has welcomed us with open arms
  • Being able to go to Jamaica for our delayed honeymoon right after Christmas, perfect timing
  • My job with awesome people, helps fund my love for coffee, and provides health insurance for me and Kyle
  • All the gift cards that people gave us for the wedding which have funded cart loads of groceries, and many of the decorations in our house
  • My husband being patient with me whenever I'm having a hard day, and being there for me
  • Being one class away from graduating from college!
  • My small garden, that is slowly becoming colorful and beautiful
  • Getting to go down to Waco with my mama for Kenge's graduation party, and seeing my beautiful friend right before she got engaged :)
  • Making time to get together with Aarika and Kendra, which usually includes delicious food and lots of laughter
  • A husband who loves to try my cooking and is always full of compliments and always offers to clean after I cook
  • My dad who has taught me how to save money and who is always willing to provide helpful advice about money and all kinds of things I have no idea about
  • Because of his wonderful advice throughout my life, me and Kyle have saved enough money to book a cruise for our one year anniversary :)
  • The students in our church who always keep us laughing and learning with them
  • Finishing out little reading nook, which has become my place to meet with Jesus
  • The Kroger Marketplace right by our house, which makes grocery shopping so much easier--it's clean, has everything I need, and awesome prices (which I can't say for the Albertson's up the street)
  • A year full of family, laughter and blessings

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  1. Is that a saving money growing your own tomatoes garden or eye candy for the curb appeal? Reading nook looks cozy...hmmm, might I suggest a throw blanket.