Thursday, June 2, 2011


I discovered my love for coffee freshman year of college. I had drank coffee before then, but nothing strong and didn't really love it until I found Common Grounds, or CG if you're in the know. CG has cowboy coffee, and I loved to get it iced, basically it's iced coffee, milk and their "secret sauce" which sweetens it and has some addicting quality haha. One day when I was home on Christmas break I had this horrible headache, which I finally realized was do to my lack of coffee. This was the start of my relationship with coffee.

A year ago I got hired as a barista at Starbucks and I absolutely love my job. Lots of people drink coffee every day, but very few people understand all that goes in to that delicious cup of joe. Starting with choosing the area and soil to grow the beans in. The kind of soil can drastically change the taste of the brew, which most people never realize because of all the cream and sugar in their coffee ;)

There are many perks to my job--free drinks while I'm on my shifts, getting to work for an awesome company that cares for their employees, but one of the best is a free pound of coffee every week. I try and share as many of these mark outs as I can, but sometimes they pile up cause two people can only drink so much coffee haha.

I have my favorites--Casi Cielo and Tribute (which both are limited time offerings)

Kyle has found his favorite--Yukon Blend, a bold coffee which is quickly climbing my list too

My other love related to coffee is coffee mugs. We have a ton of coffee mugs and they are all different, just the way I wanted it. My favorites are the ones I've gotten as gifts or that have stories behind them. What's better than sipping delicious coffee out of a mug that reminds you of a close friend? I guess having them next to you, but it is a close second.

So go find a fun mug, sit back and enjoy your coffee!

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