Monday, March 7, 2016

9 Month Favorites

Our sweet little boy is 9 months old, how is that even possible?! He is such an adventurer, keeping up with him is a full workout. He loves to pull up on things, climb through small spaces, find things that aren't toys, make loud noises, and explore. He's started sleeping much better, which is a huge blessing. I feel like an actual human being again, I can have full conversations and most of the time remember words. We give Walt mashed up avocado before bed and I think that's helped him sleep better, and honestly it seems like he just realized hey sleep is pretty awesome. I mean I've been trying to tell him that for months now but he's a pretty stubborn determined little boy.

Anyways, here are our 9 Month Favorites...

Nuby Toothbrushes This is a set of 4 toothbrushes that go along with the different stages of teething. We've used the finger brush on his gums, and the first rubber toothbrush. He likes to put it in his mouth and chew on it, I guess that's teaching him to brush his teeth right? 

Fisher-Price Lion Walker This is a pretty popular toy, and I can see why! W loves looking at himself in the little mirror on the front and pushes it around the room. This is a great toy for the "learning to walk" stage. It plays music and has lots of fun things for them to play with. Just a fair warning--if you forget to turn it off it will just randomly start playing music, it has scared me pretty badly a few times. ha!

Halo Wearable Blanket We used a sleepsack for a while, it was in my 7 Month Favorites but it was starting to get too small. I bought a large in this one which is really for babies over a year but W is a big boy and I'm glad I got a bigger size. He wears this at night over his pjs, it's like having a blanket on and feels nice and snuggly but not overly warm.

Table Toppers These are the best things ever invented. Okay that might be an exaggeration but they are awesome. They are great for little ones who want to feed themselves but can't be trusted with a plate. A picture is really the best way to describe them...

Plus look how adorable he is...
Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover We gave up the baby bath tub this month and started doing baths in the normal tub. This goes over the water faucet and keeps it safe for little heads that might bump into it. 

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