Friday, April 8, 2016

10 Month Favorites

Of course it's late cause that's life with a busy boy, but here it is...
This month flew by! Every day is a new adventure with this little boy. He loves to explore and is on the move all day long. He loves climbing, pulling up on everything, pushing chairs/stools/highchairs, pulling down dish towels, and trying to get Buddy's food. It's amazing to see him learn new things--he has started saying "mama" "dada" and "baba" which we think is Buddy, but only when he wants to. We started signs with him awhile ago and haven't been very consistent with any besides "light" because he loves lights, and he knows the sign for it now! It's adorable! And motivation to be more consistent with others--you know things that would actually be helpful, since "light" is just fun.
Anyways, here are our favorite things for this month:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Slide and Find Book--We try and read several books every day, usually before nap time and this one is a regular. W loves looking at the animals and seeing the door slide on each page. He also loves Polar Bear, Polar Bear.
IKEA Wagon--I had the Lion Walker on last month's favorite things but W has really loved this lately. He got it for Christmas and he was still too little for it so it ended up in his closet until about a week ago. I got it out for him and he just took off! He moves so fast and it's a good height for him to hold on to. I try to put toys in the basket part for him to push around but he stops and takes them out and then keeps walking...silly boy!
Graco Contender--I spent far too long looking through carseat descriptions and reviews. But finally decided on this one and I'm really happy with it. W seems to like sitting up a little higher and being able to see out the window, the seat is really comfy, it has a built-in cup holder, and isn't gigantic like some of the other options. It doesn't turn into a booster so we will have to buy another seat in a few years but I'm okay with that. Kyle installed it and had some problems but ended up getting it really secure and would probably be easier the next time around.
Mega Bloks--Another Christmas gift that W is loving! He got a big bag of all different Mega blocks, including a base for a car. He likes to pull all of the blocks out of the bag and play with the car base. He also likes to knock down anything that Kyle and I build. It's a fun little game ;)
Huggies Little Movers Plus--Diapers, diapers, diapers... They are a necessity for any baby and yet they are all so different. We started out using Pampers Swaddlers and they were good, it was nice to have the indicator line when he was little. But as he started moving more they just didn't hold up. We used Pampers Cruisers and liked those, but then I saw these at Costco on sale so I couldn't pass them up. They are awesome! (Something I never thought I would say about diapers) They have an extra grip strap which helps the diaper stay nice and snug, even when you have a boy that doesn't stop moving. I also like how the back of the diaper is stretchy so it fits really well.

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