Thursday, February 11, 2016

8 Month Favorites

This is a few weeks late and time is just flying by! Our little boy is growing like crazy! Pretty sure he's going through a growth spurt--he is eating so much! He's crawling, both army crawl and hands/knees, pulling up on everything, walking along the couch, chasing after our puppy and loves to be outside. He keeps me on my toes but I love being a mom and I'm so grateful to be at home with him.

Here are our favorite things from the past month...

Fisher Price Booster Chair We bought this right before Christmas and it's been really helpful. We take it with us when we go over to people's houses for dinner and it straps on to any size chair. It has two straps, one in the back and one on the bottom so it is very secure. The back folds down so it is pretty compact to store, always a plus with ALL.the.stuff. that comes with having a baby.

Robeez Shoes Walt will not leave his socks on, like the second I put them on they come off. This was my solution to that problem and it really has helped a ton! They have a soft sole and are really easy to put on which is a huge plus cause all those super cutesy shoes are a pain in the butt to put on. He can still crawl around in them and they have helped keep his socks on! They have all different designs but I went with the tennis shoe looking ones to go with the most outfits. It looks like they are having a sale right now!

VTech Turn and Learn Driver My parents got Walt this for Christmas and he loves playing with it! It has all different sounds and music, which is nice cause some of the toys play the same song over and over and over and over... The "key turn" is the volume and I wish it had a lower setting or was in a spot where the kids couldn't turn it up but that seems to be a common theme with the VTech and Fisher Price toys.

Straw Cups Walt learned how to use a straw and really like trying to drink out of any that he can find. I bought these cups for him and they have worked out really well! They are spill proof (for the most part) which is awesome. Just a friendly note--don't have the straw in the lid when you put the lid on the cup or the liquid will go EVERYWHERE. Something about the seal making it spill proof, believe me it's a mess. haha! We are still working on drinking water, every time he tries it seems like it chokes him I guess he's not use to the consistency? I've been making him smoothies lately and he drinks those out of these cups like a champ.

Portable Playard I never thought I would be that mom who buys a playpen for her kid, but I did and I am so glad that I did. Seriously I chase him all over the house all day long, and he is so fast. I use this mostly when I have to go to the bathroom or get something done in the kitchen. Most of the time he does awesome in it, he actually plays with his toys instead of just moving all over and trying to find his next adventure. It's collapsible, light weight, and doesn't take up much space. Reminds me of the foldable chairs you would take to a soccer game, but it opens up to be a good size. The bottom is real thin but you can put down a blanket easily. They also sell one with a sun shade but I didn't spend the extra money on it.

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