Tuesday, January 5, 2016

7 Month Favorites

Well this is a few weeks late but we have been enjoying family time with Kyle off work. Now it's back to the everyday and that means writing this blog! Here are our favorite things from the past month...

Covered Goods Nursing Cover Seriously this might be my top favorite of all time. Breastfeeding comes with challenges, but we have been lucky enough to be able to keep it up for this long. The biggest challenge for me is breastfeeding in public--I am not here to start any kind of debate but when my baby needs to eat, he needs to eat and I don't want to sit in the car, or bathroom, or other room every time that happens. It's easy to feel like you're missing out on everything when you have to leave the room and I was starting to feel that way. Then I found this cover (seriously that sounds overdramatic, but it's so true). I had been following their Instagram account for awhile and was putting it on my Christmas list but ended up buying it for myself and I'm so glad I did! I love, love, love it. Unlike other nursing scarves this one is stretchy and very soft. It covers really easily, the top is a little smaller than the bottom so it covers easily, which is perfect when you have a wiggly 7 month old who likes to throw his hands up in the air and squirm when he nurses. Okay, I think I've made my point...but seriously it's awesome.

Laugh & Learn Remote We had a play date with some friends a few weeks ago and Walt found this toy and pretty much played with it the whole time. Good thing Santa heard that he liked it and brought it in his stocking... Walt loves playing with things that aren't toys (cell phones, shoes, remotes, etc.) So this fits the bill. My only negative about it would be that the volume is on the front and can be controlled by the kiddo, and it get's loud! Think we will be doing a tissue and masking tape trick on the back like my parents used to do.

Carter's Sleep Sack There are a bunch of different sleep sack options, this is the one that we have been using. It's cold outside, and even though we keep the heat higher than before we had Walt it still gets chilly inside. This acts like a blanket for Walt at night, but without the dangers of an actual blanket.

Sophie the Giraffe I really don't know what it is about Sophie that makes all the babies love it but all the hype has rung true for us. We keep this in the diaper bag and it comes in handy when we are out and about and Walt gets fussy or his teeth start hurting. Seriously guys teething is the worst and anything that helps is worth having.

Dekor Diaper Disposal We started solid food a few months ago and let's just say a good diaper pail is a must haha. I really like this one. It keeps the smell out of the room and is easy to change when it gets full.

An extra bonus...

Triple Paste Diaper Cream We've never really had any issues with diaper rash, but that all changed right before Christmas time. We tried two other diaper rash creams without any changes, in fact it got worse with them. It was bad, like screaming every time we had to change his diaper bad. Kyle found this at the store and it worked within hours. Worth a bonus mention!

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