Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cooking for a crowd

My aunt and uncle decided this summer they are gonna take their kids on a ocean to ocean road trip this summer, and they made the journey through Texas earlier this week. Their kids are so excited and have a full binder of fun road games and places to keep memories of the trip, it's such an awesome idea.

Me and my mama wanted to make something easy that the adults and kids would both like, so I went with my famous enchiladas plus a veggie version. I went out on a whim with the veggie version, but it was delicious! Even Kyle, who is a major carnivore, said I should make them again soon.

I love cooking and cook for me & Kyle quite often, it's a challenge to cook for 2 since I am not a fan of left overs. This was the biggest group I've ever cooked for, and I would love to do it again. Kyle thinks we should go in to business with the Kimmel's and have a all-encompassing wedding business. I think it's a fabulous idea :)

I wish I had pictures of the big dinner night, but I was cooking all night so no pictures here. All in all it was a wonderful night :)

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  1. Glad the veggie went well..i may have to steal that recipe :)