Sunday, April 24, 2016

11 Month Favorites

Ah! We are only one month away from one year! I'm not ready. This year has flown by, for the most part those sleepless nights definitely didn't fly by ha! I'm not ready for my baby to be one but I love, love, love watching him learn new things every day. He is so fun to interact with and is developing such a cute personality and sense of humor. He remembers things that have made me laugh and will do them again and again. He loves giving kisses and chasing after big kids. He has no fear and loves to explore (he keeps me busy for sure!). He's a great eater, some of his favorites are: eggs (he can eat a 2 egg omelet easy), grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, mozzarella cheese, and sweet potatoes (I cut them up and bake them as fries to make them easy for him to grab). Maybe I'll do a food post soon. But for now here are our 11 Month Favorites...

Carter's 2-Piece PJs-- Nothing says "big boy" like growing out of sleepers and switching to regular pajamas! But the switch has been awesome and W has been regularly sleeping through the night. Not sure why, maybe he's just hot natured (like his daddy) or doesn't like his feet covered (like his mommy) Either way these have been awesome.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks--Hands down best purchase of the past month. As I've mentioned (many times) W loves exploring and that usually means the kitchen. Once he figured out how to open the cabinets it was game over. I could not keep him out of the kitchen if I tried. I ended up putting up a gate and he just sat in front of it and cried and cried. So we needed locks. And strong locks because he is a strong boy. Unlike the normal push top ones these don't open at all when they are locked, meaning little fingers can't get through and grab things or get pinched. We keep the magnet on the fridge and just grab it when we need to get into a cabinet. You can also flip a switch on them and keep them unlocked if you're putting away dishes or cooking which is really helpful.

Radio Flyer Trike My brother got this for W for Christmas, it's awesome. It "grows" with your kiddo so it works from 9 months-5 years which is great! We mostly take it on shorter walks because it's harder to push than the jogger but W loves going in it--he can see more and likes to grab the handle bar. Ours has a big basket on the bottom and a "parent pocket" up top to store things.

Shape-O Toy Right now W pretty much just likes shaking this or watching Kyle and I stack the shapes and then he knocks them down. But eventually it will help him learn shapes and matching. It's a quiet toy and very sturdy. It's made by Tupperware and has Lifetime Limited Warrantee. 

Babyganics Sunscreen Neither Kyle or I have very fair skin but W does so we have to be very diligent about putting sunscreen on him. The tops of his feet got burned on a walk in the middle of January... I like this sunscreen because it is meant for babies and is safe for their skin (over the age of 6 months) It's easy to apply and works really well. 

And just cause I can't pass up an opportunity to share a good picture of W...

Exploring at the park, this boy loves to be outside!

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  1. Greatgrandpa MyersApril 24, 2016 at 8:57 PM

    What a cute, active boy! he really will be a hansome young man! We love him!