Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6 Month Favorites

Six months, half of a year, hard to even believe. I can't think about it too long or I'll get sad because he's growing so fast. As much as I want him to slow down and stay little for forever I love seeing his personality grow each day.

This month has been one of the hardest because W hasn't been sleeping well and things are much harder when we aren't sleeping. When I say not sleeping well I mean waking up every two hours and taking an hour to fall back asleep, then not going down for naps during the day. In the afternoon I often drive around waiting for him to fall asleep and then I hook his car seat into the stroller and walk around the park. At least if I'm not getting sleep I can at least get a little exercise and fresh air. I think it had to do with teething because his first tooth finally broke through last week. The past two days have been much better so I'm hoping that we are headed in the right direction. I love being a mom, not getting sleep is difficult though and it makes me grumpy and start to isolate cause it's hard to think about going places. I'm grateful for my hubby who comes home on his lunch break and tells me to get out of the house, and wakes up in the middle of the night and walks around the house with W until he falls asleep. Here's to all the other mamas and daddies out there who aren't sleeping, may you find time to rest, accept help from those around you, and stock up on some coffee!

Anyways, let's get to the favorites...

Wubba Nub Dog W has never taken a pacifier well (kind of like the whole bottle situation) but this past month he's loved this little guy. He chews on the pacifier part, I think it feels good on his sore gums, and he loves the tag. Basically he doesn't use it like it's meant for but he still loves it.

Oball Activity Center There are tons of activity and exersaucers, but I really like this one. It's compact and has a lot to play with. It has a few buttons that play music and is the same brand as the ball in the Four Month Favorites. They are easy to grab and W loves all the different things he can play with.

Einstein Aquarium I went out and bought this one day after W had been up all night and Kyle was out of town. It was kind of an act of desperation, I was willing to try anything. It's not a magic pill but it does help sometimes. It comes with a remote so we can turn it on and off without going into his room. He has also figured out how to hit the starfish and turn it on and off, which is funny. It hooks on the side of the crib and runs on batteries. We have had it for over a month and use it at least once a day and I just replaced the batteries this week.

Ergo 360 Kyle has been using this to carry Walt around the house during his sleepless nights/days. He likes how easy it is to put on and it feels like a backpack. There are four different ways you can wear it, we do the front inward facing right now. I like using a wrap, like the Boba, more I think just cause I'm smaller and the wrap helps W snuggle in closer. I'm sure as he gets bigger I will start using this more. It's much easier on your back to put him in a carrier or wrap, and he usually falls asleep while you move around. The difficult part comes in trying to transfer him from the carrier or wrap to the crib.

Starbucks I was trying to think what else should be on my list of favorites for this month and all I could think of was Like I said in the beginning we haven't been getting much sleep and coffee really does help. Just not too much coffee cause otherwise you miss out on possible naps. Starbucks gift cards made my Christmas list for this reason haha, I love coffee and I brew it at home but there is something special about going to get a coffee when you're having a bad day. If you have a mommy friend who has a little one especially one who isn't sleeping, maybe send them a Starbucks card. My sister-in-law sent me one and it brought tears to my eyes. Not for the coffee, but because it was sweet of her to think of me and send an encouraging note. Love my family.

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