Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Four Month Favorites

It's amazing how much changes in a month! Walt has been playing a lot more this month and is becoming curious, especially about our dog Buddy and any kind of electronics. We've had to really be intentional about turning the TV off cause he will turn his neck like an owl to watch it. One Sunday at church the man next to us had his phone out and Walt was just staring at it the whole time (until he got hungry and decided he was done with sitting in service). Anyways, here are our favorites for this month...

Munchkin LATCH Transition Cup Walt still won't take a bottle but we've had some luck with this transition cup. It's soft like a bottle nipple but shaped more like a sippy cup. He loves the handles on it and wants to hold it himself.

Oball Rattle Like I said, Walt has started actually playing with toys which has been so fun to watch. He loves this ball cause it's really easy to hold. He does get frustrated cause he wants to put it in his mouth and can't because of the shape. He also will get it hooked on his finger and end up throwing it across the room. It's a great toy for at home but I wouldn't take it in the stroller cause it would be easily lost

Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor He's been doing great sleeping in his crib and this monitor makes it easy to feel comfortable with him in his own room. It has a bar across the top that goes from green to red depending on the noise level. Plus the camera works really well and allows you to check on him without having to walk in his room a million times (and risk waking him up when you trip over something)

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat This is by far the best purchase we've bought lately. Walt loves standing up and sitting up, which is awesome but makes it difficult for me to get things done. This chair is awesome cause it lets him sit up and lets me move around. I've actually been able to make dinner lately because of this chair! It also has two hooks on it and comes with two little toys but you can switch them out. Bonus-the fabric material comes off very easily and washes nicely. Which we had to do two days in a row...

Spiral Activity Toy This is a soft toy that works well for on the go! We hook it on the stroller when we go on walks and on the side of his carseat for longer drives. It also is nice to pull out over at other people's houses to keep him entertained without having a bunch of toys.

Happy 4 months sweet boy!

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