Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An update

Thought I would update you on this journey...

My last shift at Starbucks was two Sunday's ago and let me just say that was one of craziest day I've ever worked.  It was Mother's day and everyone wanted to take drinks to their mom/wife and no one knew what they wanted!  Nothing like going out with a bang!

The day before I left Kyle & I found out we had been approved for our new insurance.  This was something I had been worried about and was another way God showed me I just had to let go and trust him.

The day after I left work I found out my application to BH Carroll had been accepted!  I wasn't expecting to hear back until July but found out I was approved in time to start this summer!  So starting June 7th I'll be taking an online orientation class and learning all about this new amazing school.

I have been able to get some much needed rest and refocus on God and His plan.  I'm so excited for this journey and wanted to let you guys know all the amazing things happening already

Maker of it all
You provide it all
In You we live
In You we move
In You we have our being
You're glorious
You're holding us together all together 

Gungor "Brother Moon"

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  1. Yay!! God is good and leads us to great things! Excited for you friend!!