Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Sugar. No Flour.

I know this sounds crazy but I'm going on two weeks with no (or very little) sugar and white flour.  I decided I needed to make a healthy change and had been reading about side effects from sugar consumption and decided this would be a good way to go.  I had been having trouble sleeping, probably averaging only 4 hours a night, had lots of headaches, and very sluggish. 

The first few days were really rough, I was grumpy and exhausted.  I was really surprised that I had any symptoms cause I didn't think I ate that much sugar but I soon found out that I did!  The third day was the hardest, I was having a hard time comprehending things at work and moving very slow.  Once I got through that day it's been much easier.  I have slept so good the past week and a half and have zero headaches.

I'm not saying no sugar is the way to go for everyone, it is an interesting subject to research though.  The amount of sugar our body needs to function is very little and the excess sugar slows our body down. 

Kyle has been such a good sport these past few weeks, he put up with my crabbiness and has been flexible about what we eat.  I have found delicious recipes including a Greek dip that I could live off of--I've made it twice in the past two weeks.  I eat it with some multi-grain chips, but you really could eat it with a fork. 

I will say work is the hardest place to avoid sugar, we have so many pastries & drinks that are delicious (and full of sugar) but I've been doing good.  I have my iced double espresso in the morning & bring two breakfast cookies.

Anyone else ever tried the no sugar way? 

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