Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friday Adventures (on time this week!)

This week has been much less busy than the past few. Our Friday was much more relaxed which is what both of us needed, but it was still filled with adventures!

We woke up and pretty much headed out the door. As I mentioned last week, my dad got his pilot's license and Kyle has always said that he wanted to go flying with him once he got his license. So they had flight time scheduled for Friday morning. Bud and I headed over to my parents house with him so that we could hang out for the day. (And so I could lay by a pool that wasn't filled with elementary school kids on their first day of summer break)

I brought some coffee and breakfast with me, since I didn't get a chance to eat before we left. (We both overslept)

Dad showed Kyle the route they were planning on taking and told him about the restrictions different airports have. They were both so excited to go out!

While the boys were gone I headed to the gym, cause I miss the Keller 24 hour fitness so much. It's just better than the one by us. Then I ran to Tom Thumb to grab stuff to make dinner. (Another luxury we don't Tom Thumbs or Kroger in this area!)

Did a little bit of time on the elliptical, this was my run on the treadmill (I did walk for some of it) and then I went and did some more leg work outs.

I ran to the store, all sweaty, I'm sure people think I'm gross when I do that but I really don't care. Then went back to my parents house to start some BBQ Pork. I cooked a lot when we lived at my parents house for a few months, and I think they miss my cooking.

My brother and his friend are doing a cleanse for some reason, so while I was making the pork I got to hear all of their funny comments. I sent them to my mom in a message...

Let's just say it's not a very strict cleanse, cause I'm pretty sure he ate pizza the night before and he ate some of the pork for dinner...

My view for the rest of the afternoon, so relaxing! I did put sunscreen on but forgot to reapply so I got a little burned but not too bad

Bud and I rested a little bit in the afternoon, Kyle took a full out nap after he got back from flying. They had an awesome time, dad let Kyle fly for awhile and he loved it. I think I'm the next one to go up with dad!

Then we had some BBQ Pork for dinner. It's a super easy recipe--I buy a Pork Shoulder, cut up an onion, a can of beef broth, half a can of Dr. Pepper, and a little bit of BBQ sauce in the slow cooker for about six hours and then shred it. We had it as tacos but it makes good sandwiches too!

Hope you had a great Friday and have a great weekend! I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and eating a donut. I'm also wishing donuts didn't have so many calories and that my body didn't freak out to extra sugar or I would be getting a second one. Hey, we all have to splurge every now and then right!!


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