Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Adventures

Week three of Friday adventures! Our Friday adventures started on a night early, so that we could have a date night. It was such a nice day yesterday that I got to wear shorts to dinner! 

Major sock tan going on...

I have no pictures of dinner because we were kind of hungry. We went to Mexican Inn, one of my new favorites! I had the chicken and rice plate and took half of it home, it's so good! So are the chips and tortillas!

Then we went over to Target to walk around, and ended up buying quite a few things. Mostly gifts though so it's all okay! Kyle loves to walk through the Lego aisle and pick out all the things that he wants buy. 

Kyle looked a lot like the lego guy on the box
Selfie in the lego aisle
Anyways, Friday adventures started out good I woke up early, probably cause I went to bed super early. I spent some time reading and Buddy decided to lay on my lap instead of behind me.

"You can read while I'm laying here right?"
The rest of our morning was just hanging out, Kyle mowed the lawn, I frosted cookies, and Buddy slept. Then we went for a walk around the park to enjoy the nice weather. 

Kyle had some work to get done at the church so we headed up there and I helped him. He sent out some emails while I folded bulletins and cut out game sheets for the shower tomorrow.

We worked really hard and deserved some fast food, or at least that's what we convinced ourselves so we stopped by Taco Bell and picked up some greasy, super not healthy, grilled stuffed burritos.

Kyle went to hang out with friends tonight, and I am supposed to be writing a paper. But instead I made a batch of cake balls and have been binge watching Veronica Mars. Let's just say senioritis is a real thing. I have four more weeks to go and I'm having a hard time staying focused. As evident by this blog instead of my paper.

See you next week!

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