Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Bucket List

At the beginning of the summer we came up with a Summer Bucket List. We value family time, some weeks get very busy especially during the summer since that is a busy time in youth ministry. The list gave us ideas and helped us to be intentional about the time we had together. I don't think summer is officially over, especially since we live in Texas and it's still super hot out, but I've retired our list and moved on to fall. Thought I would do a recap of the things we accomplished on our list. 

We had a busy summer, filled with travel and adventures along with some very difficult times. But we ended up checking all but one thing off of our list!

We didn't make it to the Farmer's Market, so we just moved that on to our Fall Bucket List. Really, it's a better fall activity anyways!


We went to the Nashville Zoo when we were there visiting my brother. It was a really nice zoo! They have an awesome playground and even a nice area just for toddlers that Walt loved. And he got to pet a kangaroo, how special is that! We had a great time, it was hot out but we had a blast!

Splash Pad

We have quite a few splash pads near by, which is awesome. W was so cute playing at this one. We had the whole place to ourselves and he was a little unsure of the water at first but then he loved it. I brought his swimsuit with us but didn't put it on him, so he ended up soaked and in a regular diaper that was down to his knees by the end. But it was a fun time!

Build a Fort

This was a father-son playtime, and they had a blast! I came home from Starbucks and this was the state of the family room. W used a flashlight and they ate snacks in their fort. They loved it and had a blast building it!

Make S'mores

This was our last thing to check off of our Bucket List, it just happened last night! The mosquitos have been so bad and it's still hot out even at night so we kept putting it off. We had our bonfire at 6:30 and it was still light out, but W goes to bed pretty early. He loved helping Kyle hold the skewer, and of course, he LOVED the S'more. He was covered in chocolate by the end and we all smelled like a campfire by the end, but the s'mores were delicious.

Baseball Game

Well we didn't make it to a major league game, but we did make it to two of daddy's softball games and that more than counts! Walt loved running around and really wanted to climb up into the score box. He also loved watching daddy hit the ball. Sweet boy

Catch Lightning Bugs

Well not technically a picture of us catching lightning bugs cause I forgot to take one, but it was this night. We were out in Nashville and had just gotten done taking family pictures when we found a bunch of them and got to chase them around. I grew up in Illinois and there were tons of lightning bugs. I remember catching bunches of them after dinner during the summer. We don't have many of them in Texas so it was fun to find them while we were gone.

Ice Cream Truck
Clearly W wasn't interested in the ice cream at all... ha! Kyle had an ice cream truck come on a Wednesday night for the students, so it worked out perfectly. W loves hanging out with the big kids, he mostly just stares at them and freezes if any of them try to talk to him or give him a high five. But when we go to leave he cries and cries. Grateful that he gets to grow up with so many good role models around.

Go to the Library
I'm kind of embarrassed at how long this took for us to accomplish. And I wasn't even at this trip, but we went through some personal and difficult things at the end of summer so it's understandable. Kyle and Walt headed out on an adventure and ended up at the library. W loves books, but he also loves to pull all of them off the shelf so it didn't last long.

Our Fall Bucket list is coming soon...

Any ideas for what I should put on it?

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