Monday, July 13, 2015

One Month Favorites

I started this post a few weeks ago but I never got around to posting it. Figured I should get it done before little man turns 2 months next week! 

There are a few things that have been life savers during this first month and I wanted to share them. 

Fisher-Price Rock N Play Sleeper This came as a huge recommendation from my sister-in-law, and I am so thankful for it. This is where Walt sleeps at night and during most of his naps (unless he falls asleep on me and I just enjoy the snuggles). The incline is nice especially if your baby has any form of reflux. The shape of it helps snuggle him plus there is a vibration feature that you can turn on. It's very light weight and we just move it from room to room depending on where we are, we've also packed it up and taken it over to my parents' house when they were watching him. Highly recommend!

Robe I have a nice robe from Gap which they don't make anymore but it has been so helpful during late night nursing sessions. Postpartum hormones make body temperature go all over the place. I would wake up sweaty and then get freezing while I was nursing. The robe is nice to be able to just throw on over my nursing tank when I get up and is still easy to nurse in.

Sprout Feeding App This app is amazing especially during all the sleep deprivation. It has features for breast feeding or bottle feeding and helps you remember when the last time you fed was and which side the baby fed on first so you can alternate.

My Brest Friend Original Pillow I registered for this and a Boppy pillow and I was lucky enough to receive both of them. They have both been useful in the past month, but the Brest Friend was so nice to have at the beginning when I was learning how to breastfeed. At first it feels like you need four hands to be able to get the right latch, hold him in place, grab the burp rag, etc. This provides a sturdy surface and holds the baby at the right angle to nurse. It also has a nice pocket which I keep a baby nail file in (since that's the only time I can trim Walt's nails)

Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers We never used these as diapers but they make awesome burp cloths and changing pad protectors. They are easy to wash and nice and soft!

Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddle These blankets are so soft and lightweight. Walt is a master at getting out of swaddles and he's pretty warm natured so these work awesome. I love how soft they are and I know we will use them for many years to come. I actually bought a second pack a few weeks after Walt was born to have extras when the others were dirty which happens so often haha!

Nursing Tanks These are awesome when you are breastfeeding! I have a few and a wear them almost every day. They fit really well work good under t-shirts without being too tight or bulky.

Trader Joe's Coconut Coconut Oil I used this all during my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and now I use it after I breastfeed. It helps prevent dry and cracked nipples plus it has antibacterial properties.

Thermos Water Bottle I actually use the water bottle I got from the hospital but I also try and keep this one full at a different part of the house. Nursing makes me so thirsty and it's important to drink enough in order to keep milk supply and energy up.

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