Saturday, September 6, 2014

Coffee Mug Racks

I love coffee, I don't think that is any secret. I also love coffee mugs, I have a pretty good collection of them. In our rent house I had a coffee hutch that worked out great, unfortunately the hutch doesn't fit in the kitchen at our new house. I found this great black buffet table from Target to put my coffee maker on and our microwave. You can see it in the final picture, but not the full piece.

I was still searching for a place for all my coffee mugs. I didn't want them to be in a cabinet cause I love having them out and we don't have any extra cabinet space. After searching Pinterest, my usual problem solving routine, I found a really awesome option on Etsy.

While I love the concept, I need way more than four hooks and the price is pretty steep. So I set out to make one on my own. I wanted mine to be horizontal and have lots of hooks on it.

Found Furring wood at Lowe's and had them cut it into two 38" pieces. I wanted it to look more distressed so I used the crazy looking letter opener in the corner to make some notches in the wood. Then I sanded down the edges and started staining.

I love grey, it's my favorite color when decorating. I would paint the whole house grey if it didn't cost an arm and a leg to paint. I guess we are sticking with the tan for now, but anyways--I found this grey stain and loved it!

I used very little stain in order to still see the wood grain through it. I basically dipped the brush and then got as much off of it as I could before I lightly brushed it on the wood.

I tried to evenly space the hooks and make them even so I made a pretty low grade jig. The hooks weren't all even or at the same level but I think they turned out great.

This electric screwdriver helped me out a lot! We have no extra batteries at the house right now and it was definitely dying by the end but it made it through and I was thankful for that.

Here's the finished product! I think it turned out great! The hooks ended up being about 3.5" apart. I have quite a few small mugs so it worked good, but if you only have regular sized mugs you probably want to go around 4" apart.

The second one rack went a lot faster than the first cause I had figured it out already. Kyle added the Lego barista mini fig to the bottom rack for fun. I love having all my mugs out on display, lots of them were gifts and it's fun to be able to look at them everyday.

Here is the finished product. I used 10 hooks on each rack, so there are a total of 20 hooks. And...I still have more mugs, I told you I have a lot! We (Kyle and my dad) are going to move the light switch around the corner and then I will make one more rack to go below those. Then I should have all my coffee mugs out!

Our house already feels like home, and it's been fun to think of little projects. We have a lot more things we want to do but I was really excited about getting these coffee mug racks done!


  1. Hi Maddie, I came across your post and I really like your rack. Just curious, where did you find those dark hooks? Thanks!

    1. Beautiful work! Curious of what size hooks you used

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty sure I found them at Lowes.

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  4. I love this! I'm hoping to use these directions to make my own this weekend. How did you hang it on the wall? Was there a particular hook or wire system that you used? I'm worried about finding a sturdy hanging method so my mug-rack doesn't crash to the floor.

  5. I'm going to try this using old cedar fence boards from my uncle's old fence. I think I'll just sand smooth, stain and add hooks. Did you just screw it to the wall or use picture hangers on the back?

  6. How did you attach the wood to the wall?

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